The Kindred Concert Series is organized to promote the City of Kindred community by providing affordable and accessible quality entertainment performed by world-class musicians to the community, and to offer the opportunity for teaching sessions by the musicians to the high school and elementary students free of charge.

​We are proud of the concerts we have provided so far. "The Good Lovelies" was the first concert with "Red Molly" rounding up the 2015 series. "The Bankesters" performed for our spring 2016 concert with a session with the elementary and high school students. Those kids had a GREAT time! The 2016 fall concert featured the "Quebe Sisters"  with North Dakota's "Jessie Veeder"​ as the special guest. The 2017 spring concert opened with Kindred's own "Blind Joe" followed by the fantastic family band "Redhead Express", who also gave a hands-on private concert for the 4th through 6th grade kids. They had a super fun time! 

​The Kindred Concert Series aims to provide 2 concerts per year with a regional opening act. Teaching sessions for the students will be provided once a year.

The Kindred Concert Series is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization officially formed in 2016. Donations are tax deductible.

​The Kindred Concert Series board of directors consists of Rodney Braaten, President, Bruce Lykken, VP, Cheryl Rostad, Secretary, and Twila Morrison, Treasurer.

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Kindred Concert Series